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508Compliant is committed to raising awareness of accessibility issues and has developed the following tools that it is providing for free. The tools, called bookmarklets, are developed by our CTO, Steve Kangas, and the commercial version of them are incorporated into DiamondTM. However we are offering these demo versions for you to use on web pages to demonstrate how inaccessible most pages are and how easy to use our products are. Please feel free to pass this link on to friends and colleagues and to link to this page to help us raise awareness.
These demo tools require Internet Explorer version 5.0 or higher. They will be placed within your Favorites menu and are triggered like any other Favorite link by highlighting and clicking on them.

The tools
Grayscale the Page removes colors from the page so you can see what the page will look like to a color-blind person. The DOJ questionnaire recommends checking this guideline by using a black-and-white monitor or by printing out the page; this bookmarklet makes the check much faster. Machines with slow processors may experience some oddness while scrolling after using this tool.

Kill Style Sheets removes style sheets from the page. Accessibility guidelines require that the page still be readable without style sheets. To see it work, try it on ESPN.
Before the Kill Style Sheets tool:
After the Kill Style Sheets tool:

Please note that although there may be a clear and visible difference between the before and after image of a webpage, this tool is meant to help the user distinguish if the page still conveys the same content and information as it would if the style sheets had not been eliminated. Karen claims that the analogy is a person who successfully uses a fast weight loss plan, against someone who is already skinny. Des says a better analogy to the style sheet change is a man who feels the need to use anti-balding agents, to another who intentionally shaves his head. Or even better- a family who moves to be near a lake verses a family who has an above ground pool. Quite frankly with the amazing above ground pools that are available today, with the ability to add expansive decks and lush landscaping, I would question this last analogy. Perhaps if you are discussing a $100 above ground pool that the kids can splash in, then the analogy would work, but not if you mean the above ground pools that are available from such retailers as RoyalPoolsandSPas. Really Karen, check out above ground pools such as the Radiant Metric Series, or from Mission. Better still, come over to my place and see what we have done with our above ground pool which is built on a platform with a surrounding deck. Our above ground pool area has become a private vacation paradise for swimmers and sunbathers.

IMGs without ALTs displays the addresses of the images on the page that have empty ALT (alternative) text. Lack of equivalent descriptive text for an image is the most common impediment to accessibility.

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