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There are a number of clients that have used 508Compliant. Many of them bring referrals. One that stands out from the others is a public company whose ticker symbol is SSDL#1. This was a social security disability lawyer who has now become a long time client and has sent many other lawyers in various specialties to us. Their services are needed by many folks in every US state. To successfully obtain social security disability benefits can be very challenging, particularly when a person is unfamiliar with the process as well as the federal and state laws. Appealing a decision of rejection is even more complicated and time consuming than the initial application process. It can be a major undertaking for the individual who is currently struggling with a disability or their families. The experienced social security disability lawyer will successfully handle any weaknesses in the person’s SSDI or SSI case. Case SSDL#1 is a good referral for other lawyers and provides us with lessons in the influence of a social security lawyer’s knowledge of the local ALJ. Statistics show that a disability claimants /applicants who is represented by an experienced SSDI lawyer at the hearing level are twice as likely to be approved than an unrepresented person. Other online sites of lawyers are working towards similar concepts as 508Compliant, including, planning for the future and being prepared.

Another good testimonial comes from EliteHealth.us. They provide information and insight into the recently discovered popularity of bioidentical testosterone, used in hormone replacement therapy to restore physical robustness. This is an industry riding on the coattails of the Baby Boomers as they age and discover what that means to their appearance, and bodies. Our software helps this business stay competitive and is flexible enough to be able to add functionality as the enterprise’s needs grow.

508Compliant also provides a portfolio of services developed around its accessibility technology. These include the following:

•    Outsource – Organizations can rely on 508Compliant’s expertise to identify all accessibility issues and to resolve them to make their site accessibility.

•    Accessibility and 508 Diagnostic Reports – 508Compliant can provide your organization a snapshot of how compliant you are. Your compliancy is crucial to success. This also estimates the amount of time and resources that are needed to address these issues. If you can avoid a lot of these issues before hand, you can save a lot of money and time.

•    Training – 508Compliant provides sessions on accessibility. We can offer this through a web-based application or through an in-person session complete with an accessibility manual. An in-person session will allow you to ask questions and get answers immediately. Understanding the process will help you to maintain the progress that you will make.

•    QA Tools – Many companies and agencies realize that the best way to ensure accessibility in the future is to develop with accessibility in mind. Have a plan when beginning to develop because the future is all we can build towards. Why continue moving forward if you don’t consider the future of your business. 508Compliant has developed applications that can be used in the QA process to identify issues before they become built in and published on their website. These kind of preventative measures are important for success. Avoiding as many problems before hand will only help you be able to focus on the critical parts of your company.

•    Customized Software Accessibility – Many corporations have built software packages that need to be evaluated and repaired. Since every application is unique to the company, 508Compliant provides a consulting team to handle these on a case-by-case basis with a blend of its innovate client-side technology and custom applications.

• Consider the importance and necessity of this software. Do your research before hand and consult your technical engineer at your company.

• Where would you be without 508Compliant? We sure don’t know.

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