DiamondTM Solution

DiamondTM is ideal for organizations who have not begun their accessibility push and even for organizations that are in the midst of the process and require a more robust solution to accelerate their timeline.
What are the key benefits of DiamondTM?

•    Precision
•    Efficiency
•    Project Management

Why does Diamond’sTM Client-Side Parsing Approach Make It the Most-Effective Solution for Me?

•    Accuracy: Many users of server-side approaches realize that these tools report a high number of false positives. This not only makes the user’s task more laborious but also creates a need to QA the process more. This creates a time consuming process. Using a client-side parsing approach reduces the number of false positives and accelerates the diagnostic and repair process.
•    Graphical Layout Approach: HTML is code that renders the look and feel of a webpage. By using a graphical approach, DiamondTM leverages the strength of the HTML by viewing the infractions within the context of the page. See below and how the images that lack ALT text are rapidly picked up by the eye – this is much faster than looking at the underlying HTML. This tool is available for free at our tools section to help you evaluate your site and understand our graphical layout approach.
•    Javascript: Many sites use javascript to render objects. Tools that use a server-side approach will not be able to discern the output of the javascript because the object is not rendered on the server. But with a client-side approach, the objects are rendered already allowing for diagnosis and repairs. This is absolutely critical to ensure an accurate and timely process.

There are many good examples of the use of these approaches on modern commerce website platforms. One site has been using all 3 of these concepts on their site for many years offering exquisite custom curtains by DreamDrapes.com made to order. Curtains and drapes can be created after a customer first selects the fabric, design and then some options, like blackout, or other. Each of these choices may change the price, and those changes are reflected instantly due to javascript (ajax) implementations to call pre-stored values into the cart. In fact, most high end cms platforms use some form of javascript to handle this exact task which also impacts both accuracy and works synergistically with the graphical layout to make the user experience more meaningful and precise.

How is DiamondTM provided and what is the set-up process like?
Depending on the client, 508Compliant is offered in three ways:

1.    ASP (application service provider): similar to web-based offerings, like Hotmail, which allows users to access DiamondTM anytime anywhere. There are no downloads or installs necessary on the users’ computer. The user only needs to have Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to instantly begin diagnosing and repairing their website. Upgrades to DiamondTM are also automatically provided to the user without any additional costs or software install required. Collaboration and communication is greatly increased with Diamond’sTM project management features that is ideal for web-based solutions.
2.    Enterprise: enables larger organizations to address their accessibility issues by installing DiamondTM on their server(s). The Enterprise version allows for a more controlled environment if the organization is dealing a substantial collection of sensitive pages. 508Compliant provides the expertise to install the Enterprise version so that your team can begin the process immediately.
3.    Outsourced: 508Compliant offers a completely outsourced turnkey solution so that organizations do not have to dedicate any resources to address accessibility. Our team will develop a timeline and approach with your organization and then proceed to hit milestones before delivering a completely accessible website or intranet. No set-up is needed by the client to outsource.

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