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One of the consequences of non-compliance for an internet business could be problems with your search results. Google does not like sites that appear to break from their guidelines, even if those breaches are unintentional and inadvertent. If you’re not search compliant you may be likely to trigger a dreaded Google penalty causing all your ranks to fall until you are no longer findable using Google. In many respects this is more critical than accessibility since the business could fail as a result. DiamondTM can prevent these kinds of failures by keeping management on top of the issues that could create these vulnerabilities.

If I have already started my accessibility process, how can DiamondTM help me?
Regardless of where you are in the accessibility process, most organizations would still like to complete this as soon as possible. Since no software installs are necessary, DiamondTM and its project management features are a match for organizations looking to condense the time and resources needed to produce an accessible site as soon as possible.
Who should use DiamondTM and how do you ensure that I get up to speed from day one?
DiamondTM is a very easy to use solution that requires no familiarity with HTML for most of the diagnostics and fixes. First, we have designed DiamondTM to be used by people with a cursory technical background. Second, the client-side parsing approach allows DiamondTM to display infractions and fixes in a graphical manner instead of HTML code. Third, 508Compliant provides training for individuals using DiamondTM and support services.

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