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What’s 508Compliant?

August 2020

508Compliant is a NetConversions company committed to increasing awareness of online accessibility issues and making web content accessible to everyone.

Our belief is that organizations should make their web content and tools accessible to everyone not only to follow the law or to sell more goods but also because it is the right thing to do.  Therefore our mission is to educate organizations of this need and to provide them the solutions they need to:

1.    Identify if their website is compliant by using DiamondTM.
2.    Advise on the most cost-effective way to become compliant if they are not compliant.
3.    Offer our DiamondTM tool or DiamondTM services to make organizations compliant if they do not possess the resources required to do so.

Learn more about our DiamondTM process. The online world is evolving rapidly and concerns surrounding security, viability, scalability, and process all contribute to the decisions leading to more robust solutions. Failure to address any of these concerns creates doubts as to the long term viability of the solution. We are not only aware of these concerns, but build in functionality that directly addresses each. The process is much more transparent than most competing products, and the flexibility gained by incorporating our standards results in better and faster access, transactions, updates, and ultimately lead to better performance all around.

Internet commerce is an area where managing these compliance protocols can be critical. A small website demonstrates a good example. In the world of wigs, our example is a small player, but gradually making progress against much larger competitors. The Envy Wigs store at elegantwigs.com was performing well, had sales, but also had issues with both scalability and security. Like most other small businesses, the wig store did not have the resources to ramp up their technology to compete with the likes of wigs.com (the 800 pound gorilla). Working with their webmaster, we analyzed the issues by using DiamondTM and then applied the DiamondTM principles. The result greatly improved both their security and scalability, to the point that there are no longer any issues being flagged on either front. The time frame for the initial fix from beginning to end was only 1 month. However, it was a permanent solution to these problems as was evident from our 6 month, 1 year and 2 year follow ups. The e-commerce wig boutique was able to easily grow as business improved and today the store is thriving.

Law practice websites represent another area where compliance protocols are critical, one where viability and especially security are paramount. For example, a New Orleans maritime lawyer whose website is intended to secure leads has a responsibility to present legitimate facts, but must also ensure that client data is not only confidential, but also secure. A brick and mortar law office can guarantee these requirements by the way client information is stored, but unless the website is also implemented in a way that preserves these high standards, client data may be vulnerable to hackers or accidental release. DiamondTM can ensure that the proper protocols are strictly followed.

News about 508Compliant

“Federal Managers Push to Meet I.T. Accessibility Deadline” by Tanya Ballard of Government Executive Magazine

“Vendors Tout 508 Tools” by William Matthews of Federal Computer Week

About NetConversions

508CompliantTM is a NetConversions company. NetConversions is committed to delivering a complete suite of leading customer experience management solutions. We not only provide accessibility but also usability and real-time visitor response solutions. Visit NetConversions.

Mehta Jane is technology writer for Cyber Times. She is also a marketing consultant with many clients with online businesses (pet products, prom dresses, and hardware). She lives with her poodle in Portland, OR.

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